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If a unicorn is a designer/developer hybrid then I am a “mermaid” - a lady developer with excellent people skills.

My non-tech roles have allowed me to develop exceptional soft skills and become a superb communicator.

I bring passion, determination and kindness to any role I undertake.

Currently studying the Software Engineering Immersive with General Assembly and in December I will be looking for my first full time development role with mentorship and room to grow!

I really love the creativity and visual aspects of Front End and would like the opportunity to learn more about UI/UX.

My favourite things are: coding, birthday cake, being nice to people and seeing the underdog triumph.

Catch me over on Twitter (where I do most of my talking) @lauracharvey


I created The No Jargon Guide to breaking into web development, I write about topics that I struggled to learn in very simple terms with everything you need in one place. You can read it on my blog page.

My YouTube Channel currently focuses on my journey, saying YES to what you want, chasing your dreams and looking after your mental health.

Download a copy of my CV by clicking the icon below.

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